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November 8, 2013
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Beautiful Train Station for NJ Transit Train Arrivals

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How to Get to Atlantic City, New Jersey Plane Trains and Automobiles: Buses

Arrive by Automobile

The most common way to arrive in Atlantic City is via one of the major roads which surround the Area. Taking the New Jersey State Parkway either North or South is the most common road that people from New Jersey take to get to down to AC. Then, you connect with the Expressway straight into the boardwalk area.  Take a look at the traffic report before you depart to avoid any congestion approaching town,

Buses from New York, Baltimore, DC, Connecticut, Boston, New Hampshire

Popular for people who live in New York, Delaware & Pennsylvania are chartered bus trips. These trips usually leave from a major bus stop or a rest area on a major road. The good part about taking the bus is that the casino will usually give you a bonus for taking the bus. For example the bus tickets from Port Authority in New York cost $35.00 but when you bring your bus ticket sub to the counter at the casino you were given $20.00 in free slot play.  So all together your bus ticket only cost you $15.00!  Also do some research on Hampton Luxury Liner which brings right to a casino and you get coin vouchers and other add-ons that make the trip super cheap.

You can also take NJ Transit Buses and other public bus services into the AC Bus Station on Atlantic Avenue.  Many different companies arrive several times a day from Washington, DC, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, New York, North Jersey as well as Boston, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Fly in a Airplane to ACY International Airport

Some of the other ways to get to the shore tend to be a bit more on the expensive side.  You can fly into ACY, The Atlantic City international Airport which allows for Spirit Airways and Golf Transportation customers to arrive.  You can also land in a private and personal plane if you happen to have a close friend that owns a plane, LOL.   So you can research cheap flights into ACY or use use one of the private plane services to arrive in style.

Boat - Luxury Yacht to Frank Farley State Marina

If you really want to show up in a big way you always could take a private boat and dock it at the Frank S Farley Marina at the Golden Nugget Casino. This is by far a very lavish way to get to Atlantic City and the bad part is you would still need to take a cab to whatever casino or Atlantic City hotel you were staying at.

Train  to the NJ Train Station in Atlantic City

Trains are available with connections at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia as we as several locations between New York and Atlantic City.  The train is a simple way to get to town, you will arrive at the Convention Train Station.  You can take a Jitney bus, walk or hire a cab to get from the station to your final destination very easily.

By car, by bus, Train or by plane or boat - no matter how you get the resort city, just be sure to arrive safe and have fun and enjoy Atlantic City, NJ.

YouTube Video From Lindenwold Stop Through 30th Street in Philadelphia to AC.

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