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November 7, 2017
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The trick to saving money on an Atlantic City Hotel is knowing what the deals are & then knowing how to get them. The best advice that I give to any person going to Atlantic City for the weekend is always sign up for a card. Each casino has a "players card" which you insert into any machine that you play or present to the dealer when you sit down at a table. These cards keep track electronically how much you are playing, how long you are playing & your total winnings.

Then you will become rated as a player - for your total amount of money you have spent and also the total amount of money that you have won - monthly you will begin to get information sent to you from the Casinos with special events and also free Hotel room stays! The casinos have even been known to offer free "Slot Dollars" where you bring your card on a certain day, insert it into a slot machine & you get free play on the slots!

Comps and Casino Reward Programs

Comps are not just a free buffet anymore. The casinos have come a long way - it used to be a free buffet would be one of the best comps you could get from a casino - now a days I have seen appliances, candles, televisions, mp3 players & just about everything else you could imagine get given away by the casinos!

Now we have some exclusive discounts at Atlantic City New Jersey currently going on with our room finder. So what you can do is use the quick search box in the upper right hand corner of the page to select the date, amount of nights, amount of guests & number of rooms that you need. Then on the next page when you see all of the special offers read the box and you will see that some casinos are offering free slot play or show tickets along with your stay, that's a great thing!

So enjoy living like a high roller and make sure to take full advantage of all Atlantic City Hotel Deals that you can!

You can also find exclusive Vacation Packages for many casino resorts in town.  Most of these type of packages include, room, buffet, show tickets and plenty of additional coupons.

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