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November 21, 2012
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The Pool During The DayI enjoy pools - a lot - especially pools that are 21 and over and full of bikini clad girls running around.

Welcome to the Pool "After Dark" at Harrah's which was made to be the adult swim that you always wanted. The formula was simple take a state of the art pool, add all nice upscale pool furniture, make sure the pool is heated, add full service bars never more then 10 feet from any area, throw in bottle service to any table or lounge chair & add a DJ playing all the music you could imagine.

Well its working.

The Pool is quickly becoming one of the hot spots in Atlantic City, dare I even say if you are at any of the Casinos on the strip and ask an employee "Where is the pool?", they will tell you "Harrahs!".

From renting your own private Jacuzzi to just swimming around speaking to the other guests - the pool is quickly becoming the number one hot spot. The only thing I will personally comment on is that they do not allow you to wear a hat inside at night - I guess to try and keep the night time atmosphere as "club like" as possible. Which I was not a fan of - being your typical ball cap guy.

Top Nightclub in AC
The pool is open after 10: PM on 3 nights a week for "The Pool Afterdark".

  • SINdustry Wednesdays - DJ Jason E - FREE admission all night
  • Fridays - DJ Gabor - Pop, Rock & Dance Classics
  • Saturdays - DJ Pauly D, Clique, DJ Klutch, DJHomicide and DJHollywood

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Resident DJ is Pauly D from Jersey Shore!

His incredible night is called "Epic Saturday's with DJ Pauly D", it is by far the business club in Atlantic City when he spins the tunes.  You never know who he has with him, other top named DJ's, cast members from the Jersey Shore, Hollywood type friends he met through being associated with MTV.  Other themed nights hosted by Paul "DJ Pauly" DelVecchio include "A Shote Thing", "Oh Yeahhhh", "The Residency Continues" and many more.

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