Getting to Atlantic City by Car, Bus, Train or Plane -

November 8, 2013
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Next to the Tanger Outlets The Walk

By Car By Bus By Train By Plane By Luxury Yacht How to Get to Atlantic City, New Jersey Plane Trains and Automobiles: Buses Arrive by Automobile The most common way to arrive in Atlantic City is via one of the major roads which surround the Area. Taking the New Jersey State Parkway either North or South is the most common road that people from New Jersey take to get to down to AC. Then, you connect with the Expressway straight into the boardwalk area.  Take a look at the traffic report before you depart to avoid any congestion approaching town, Buses from New York, Baltimore, DC, Connecticut, Boston, New Hampshire Popular for people who live in New York, Delaware & Pennsylvania are chartered bus trips. These trips usually leave from a major bus stop or a rest area on a major road. The good part about taking the bus is that the casino will usually give you a bonus for taking the bus. For example the bus tickets from Port Authority in New York cost $35.00 but when you bring your bus ticket sub to the counter at the casino you were given $20.00 in free slot play.  So all together your bus Read More »

Atlantic City Traffic Report Updates

July 5, 2012
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Traffic Report on AC Expressway

Getting to Atlantic City is much easier than most people think. Check out the latest Traffic Report now, including AC Expressway, Garden State Parkway, I-95, I-76, NJ Turnpike and I-495. The AC exit is located at Exit 38 OFF the Garden State Parkway, the parkway is a great road travel when coming from North Jersey and as well as South. If you take I-76 over the Walt Whitman or Ben Franklin Bridge you will eventually automatically connect with the Expressway after traveling on route 42 East. Atlantic City Report on Recent Traffic Patterns EZ Pass is an amazing asset traveling down the Atlantic City Express, the new speed lanes are open, making the traffic must less congested than years prior. Stay at your current speed as you pass under the Toll and everything will be great. Up to the Minute Traffic Report – Click Here Atlantic City is Exist 38 Off the Garden State Parkway. Have fun and enjoy your vacation at the Jersey Shore!

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