Goodbye to an Atlantic City legend...

March 12, 2008
Filed under Sands

The Sands casino was my favorite casino in Atlantic City. My father started playing at the Sands the day it opened and held a card number in the thousands. We would go every year for my birthday – walking around with my father was a bit amazing. From the bartenders to the dealers they all knew him on a first name basis. He had been going there for well over 30 years & it had become his favorite get away destination. Never have I felt more comfortable in a Casino then the way we were treated at the Sands. The sands held its share of legends – Frank Sinatra had his own personal suite built for him there. The sands was bought by Pinacle Gaming, who in turn decided to knock it down to make way for the new casino “Revel” which has been said will rival the Borgata. Here is the video of the implosion of the sands. It went down how it was opened – with fireworks and a celebration.

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