What Casinos Have 10X Craps Odds in Atlantic City?

March 29, 2010
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Atlantic City Casinos with 10X Craps Odds - 2010

#1 - The Hilton Casino is offering 10X Odds on the table game of Craps, these odds allow the player to bet more on each roll of the dice. 10X Odds are available on ‘pass line’ and ‘come’ bets only. dramatically increases the value of winning bets once the point has been determined. Play 10X odds and win in Atlantic City, NJ at the Hilton Casino.

#2 -Ballys Atlantic City - 10X Odds on all Craps Games! Craps players can take advantage of the rare opportunity to double their odds on all Craps games played at Bally's Atlantic City. This offer includes Park Place and the Wild Wild West casinos at Bally's!

Take advantage of 10X Craps in Atlantic City!

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