Cheapest Top Dollar Slot Machine in Atlantic City

March 12, 2008
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When you step into the high limit slot area you can usually here the electronic voice saying "You're a Winner!", and you know that you are near IGT's Top Dollar slot machine.

The machine is your standard 3 wheel machine with a bonus game. Which gives the machine all its personality. If you play max credits you are eligible for the bonus game, which is activated by landing the "Top Dollar" symbol on the final reel on the right.

The bonus game consists of the machine randomly selecting money amounts from the top in various combinations, after each selection it says the amount which you are offered, you then have the option to pull another offer or instead take the offer which is just presented. This is where greed comes in - lets say on your first offer the machine offers you $80.00, not bad if you ask me, but you still have 3 offers left! What to do? Will you take the $80.00 or see how much more you can get. . .

Top Dollar is by far my favorite bonus game - the only issue that I have is that its usually a very expensive machine. Below you will find the casino's that I have found which have Top Dollar and the best prices where to play!

Harrahs - $25.00 per Credit
The Borgata - $2.00 / $5.00 / $10.00 / $25.00 (Multiple Denom. Machines)
The Hilton - $5.00
Resorts - $5.00
Caesars - $5.00 (Thank you Carl)

The Casinos listed above are the only Casinos I have found it in, if I you have found it at another Casino please send me a comment and I will update this post.

For once the Borgata is winning at something for the lowest price - go figure. Borgata does claim to have the highest slot payouts in Atlantic City & they can also now proudly display the "Lowest Priced Top Dollar Machine"

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