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How Do I Cancel a Hotel Reservation Made with

If you have to cancel your hotel booking, please follow these simple instructions.

  • Find your email confirmation and locate your Booking Number, it starts with the letter A and looks like A432102
  • Call us Toll Free at 1-800-775-4252 or locally at 609-347-3560
  • If you can not locate your Booking Confirmation number, we can access your reservation with guests last name and arrival date.
  • You will receive an email cancellation notice upon completion of your transaction.

Are Their Any Cancellation Fees?

  •  There is a $25 fee for all cancellations that occur more than 3 days prior to your arrival date.
  • We will however, credit you the $25 CXL fee if you book another reservation in the future.
  • If you cancel within 3 days of your arrival date, the hotel has the right to charge you 1 nights room and tax.  We will always do our best to ask the hotel to wave any additional cancellation fees but do you best to cancel more than 3 days from your expected arrival date.

When Does My Credit Card Receive the Refund?

  • It can take up to 7 business days from the day we put the credit through to appear on your credit or debit card.
  • We handle our responsibility quickly, the bank then delays the credit during a grace period and then provides you with the refund, not sure whay they do that, it's just the banks policy.
  • Call us if you have a question about a pending credit, we will help you figure it out.

Will I Be Charged for Modifications to My Itinerary?

  •  Generally there are no charges for name changes and basic data changes to your reservation.
  • If you modify your arrival date, number of nights or hotel, there will be a change to the amount you were originally billed.
  • If your new booking costs less, we will credit you the difference, if it costs more, we will charge you the additional amount.
  • You will receive a Modification or new Confirmation email with the new details of your stay.

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