Atlantic City Storm Damage Report - Casinos Now Open

November 2, 2012
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Only Minor Damage to Casino and Boardwalk Area

Atlantic City Survives Storm Looks Good in Tourism Area!

It's official, the Evacuation order / Travel ban that has been in place for Atlantic City since Sunday has now been lifted by Governor Chris Christie.  The Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City and many others are l open and are ready to service customers.

Updated Report on Damages in Atlantic City, NJ

Our office is in Atlantic City, I drove around to survey the damage on Friday November 2, 2012.  The first area I visited was the boardwalk in front of Caesars, Bally's and Trump Plaza.  As I walked up the ramp, I was expecting the worst, wow everything is in great shape.  Local boardwalk businesses are removing boards and putting up their signage, casinos entrances are open and workers are welcoming guests into their casino.  Surprisingly this section of town is looking good, lets move on.

The second stop is the Marina and Renaissance pointe area, home of the Golden Nugget, Harrah's and the Borgata.  The Golden Nugget is good to go, cars pulling into valet parking, marina area has some floating debris but the sea wall and bulkhead is 100% sound and everything looks good.

Crossing the street to Harrah's and cars are in line for self and valet parking garage, looks good.  To the right you can see more floating debris in the waterway but the bulkheads and land is completely dry and only some left over vegetation laying on the grass.

Pulling into Borgata self parking lot, looks good, some minor grass in one corner of lot, otherwise looks good.  Traffic flowing in and around the property, this looks good!

Let me head down to the northern end of town near Revel, Showboat and Taj Mahal.  As I'm coming down Virginia ave, seeing some damage to homes but as I arrived closer to the boardwalk streets and everything are clean.  The boardwalk in front of these casinos is 100% in tact, only a little sand covers a few areas, otherwise good to go.

Now to the Inlet section that was featured on TV and wow this looks bad.  As I drive down Atlantic City avenue I am seeing boardwalk debris, boats, all kinds of stuff, this doesn't look good at all.  I'm looking at the section of boardwalk that was demolished by the storm and it's completely gone.  As I talk to a few people here, they say the boardwalk was already damaged and that it had to be rebuilt at this end of town anyway.  This area is not close to casino and tourism district, the only attractions are the Flagship hotel and the Haunted Absecon Lighthouse, otherwise everything else is ok.

Result of My Inspection

Everything in area of the Casinos is fine, in fact, you almost can't tell their was a major hurricane here.  The Marina area is fine too, you can see some debris in the water but the land is fine and so are the casinos.  The worst part of town was the residential area between marina and boardwalk as well as the Inlet area in the northern section of Atlantic City.

Hope you enjoyed my update and hope to see you in Atlantic City soon!

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